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Let the clue hunt begin!

Hey guys, it's Son of a Trident, and I have something very cool.

Especially for all you Clue-Hunters.Edit

So, my brother and I were bored one day, so we created a 39 Clues Beyblade thing. It's actually quite cool! We gave almost everyone in the series Beys, but Milos Vanek, Luna Amato, V1, The Wyomings, and all the other Vespers all are Bey-less. Also, here's a key to Vespers:

V1= Leader

V2= Vesper Shield              Isabel Kabra suspected  

V3= Vesper Scientist          Ned Starling Suspected

V4= Vesper Mole                Sinead Starlling

V5= Vesper Spymaster        Luna Amato

V6= Vesper Enforcer           Cheyenne Wyoming

That's the inner circle of the Vespers.

Here are everyones Beyblades. If you would like to find their parts, search the term that matches the bolded word.

Dan Cahill's/ Arthur Trent's Beyblade (Passed down from Arthur to Dan): Galaxy Pegasus

Amy/ Hope Cahill's Beyblade (Passed down from Hope to Amy): Thermal Pegasus

Jonah Wizard's Beyblade: Rock Leone

Hamilton Holt's Beyblade: Dark Bull

Madison Holt's Beyblade: Fury Capricorn

Reagan Holt's Beyblade: Storm Capricorn

Fiske Cahill's Beyblade: Poison Pegasus

Nelli Gomez's Beyblade: Stab Zurafa (MUN)

Alistair Oh's Beyblade: Flame Aries

Ian Kabra's Beyblade: Strom Aquario

Natalie Kabra's Beyblade: The Wild One (MUN)

Sinead Starling"s Beyblade: Rock Scorpio

Ted Starling's Beyblade: Earth Pegasus

Ned Starling's Beyblade: Ray Striker

Erasmus Yilmaz's Beyblade: Rock Gasher

Evan Tolliver's Beyblade: Thermal Lacerta

MUN= Made- Up Name