Wild Mane Leone

Leon's Wild Mane Leone.

River Beast Gill

Gigante's River Beast Gil.

 Alrighty, folks! It's time for the third round of our first Beywheelz tournament! Our competitors are Leon (Cam) to my right for Team Estrella with Wild Mane Leone. Will his lion be roaring in triumph at the end of this match? We'll see soon! And to my left is Gigante (Matt) with River Beast Gil for the Dominators! This creature can hunt you out of the swamps easily. Will it hunt down Leone? Or will it be hunted? Alright now, time for the countdown!

3, 2, 1...

"LET IT RIIIIP!" both bladers cry. And the battle is on!

Leone, being a power type, crashes into Gil hard, but, being a balance type, Gil maintains its balance. Leone finally gets Gil cornered, and is about to strike, when Gil uses a special move, River Beast Fury. Leone counters the attack with Wild Mane Slasher, it's special move. A big explosion occurs, and both Beys are sent into the sky. Five minutes pass before they fall down. Gil is barely spinning, so Leon takes the oppurtunity to take out Gil. Even good balance can't help Gil in this situation. Leon wins this one, and earns Team Estrella's first point. If Team Estrella is to win, they must win every single battle after this.