Savage Blade Herculeo

David's Savage Blade Herculeo.

Doom Fire Drago

Jin's Doom Fire Drago.

 Alrighty, now, it's time for the Fourth Round of our 1st ever Tournament! For Team Estrella, we have Jin with his Doom Fire Drago! And for The Dominators, we have David amd Savage Blade Herculeo! Well, let's get ready! Let's go!

3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!

The Wheelz fly towards each other, both fired up with power like they both just drank twenty liters of coffee! It's all a blur, but we can see Drago get hit. Drago slows down a little, but maintains his balance. Drago is a balance type, you know. David doesn't realize that he's losing his power trying to take down Drago with fierce attacks. Soon, Herculeo is barely rolling! Drago unleashes his true ferocity, but Drago isn't even using a special move! Herculeo takes one more hit, and flies back, past David's head. That means...

The winner is Jin. Team Estrella has finally tied with The Dominators. The score is 2-2. The next battle will decide it all. The tag team match will decide it all!