From SoliderDestroyer4

 Hello. Many of you know me as Son of a Trident, but I also am known as Solider Destroyer4 (Sorry about the spelling mistake! My friends fault :(.)

Anyways, I'm controlling things around here now. I mean, I always was, but I am determined to finish this tournament. Really, it started like, a month ago? Crazy. Well that's pretty much it. Wait! I almost forgot! Don't forget to comment on any page you want! We need some opinions about our Beys. Also, I will try to get pics of our BSC Beyblades up on their pages with an uncommon part. I also need to add on the type of some of them.

To make a long story short, I have a lot of things to do.

Please comment on if you like the backround, if you want me to put one of your CUSTOMIZED Beyblades online, or cool names for them (We will have some suggestion box things online.)

That's it, I guess. See ya!